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Home radon tests and radon gas detectors are a quick and easy way to determine whether your home has a radon problem. Radon is a naturally occurring, colorless, odorless radioactive gas. Radon is present in the soil in many areas of the United States, but luckily can be detected with a home radon test. Radon is classified as a Class A carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) and IS THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF LUNG CANCER in non-smokers in the U.S. It is estimated that 21,000 to 45,000 Americans die annually from radon-induced lung cancer; in comparison to second hand smoke which is estimated to cause approximately 3,000 annual lung cancer deaths. These could be avoided by using a home radon test (radon gas detector) and then remediating the problem.

Radon typically infiltrates your home through the basement and can pollute your entire home's air. The only way you know if it is present in your home is to use a radon gas detector. HomeAire recommends that you use a home radon test at least once a year to ensure your overall health and safety.

You can reduce your family's health risk by first using a home radon test and if required having a certified radon profession install a radon removal system (also called a radon reduction, radon remediation, or radon mitigation system) to safely remove radon before it has a chance to enter your home. HomeAire provides radon remediation solutions like radon fans and active dampness control systems.

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Test your home for radon. If it tests high, fix it. - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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