Radon Mitigation

Radon mitigation (also called radon reduction or radon remediation) may be necessary whether you purchased a new or existing home, if radon is detected with a home radon test. With radon remediation, you can reduce your family's health risk from radon using radon fans or with an active soil depressurization (ASD) system that will allow radon to safely vent above the roof of your house. Radon is THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF LUNG CANCER in non smokers in the U.S. and it is a health hazard that can easily be corrected through radon reduction and remediation.

Radon Mitigation Saves Lives

Radon typically enters your home through the basement , but can affect your entire home's air. The only way to know if it is present in your home is to test your home, using a home radon test or by hiring a qualified radon mitigation professional. HomeAire recommends that you use a home radon test at least once a year to ensure your overall health and safety.

Active soil depressurization (ASD) is recognized by the EPA as the most effective means of radon reduction. It is achieved by creating a negative pressure field beneath the structure. PVC pipes are connected to penetrations made in the concrete floor of the house. This pipe is routed to the suction side of a radon mitigation fan. The radon fan then connects to another length of PVC vent pipe, which is routed up the side of a house to safely discharge the radon gas above the roof.

IMPORTANT: Any ASD System installed for radon reduction MUST include a post installation radon test to determine proper operation of the system. Your state may also have specific requirements regarding the testing and installation of a radon mitigation system.

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Radon Mitigation Advice

"Indoor radon gas is a national health problem. Radon causes thousands of deaths each year. Millions of homes have elevated levels. Most homes should be tested for Radon.* When elevated levels are confirmed, the problem should be corrected." - U.S. Surgeon General

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